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At CDC, we work hard to reduce the impact of our activities on our immediate surroundings and on the wider. This acceptance of our responsibility is reinforced by the achievement of certification to the international standard for environmental management system ISO14001.

We reinforce this in three key areas:


For the majority of projects, we routinely prepare an environmental aspect and impact assessment to identify, control and reduce any environmental impact that our activity may create. This covers acceptable limits for emissions, minimum levels for recycling, any monitoring procedures and compliance with any legislation.


At CDC, our work brings us in close contact with people and their living environment. We take responsibility to eliminate or minimise pollution and emissions from our sites.

The combination of modern demolition techniques and well-maintained plant and equipment ensures we limit/eliminate noise, vibration, dust, contamination, spillages and excessive carbon emissions, where possible. With well-planned traffic management plans, we can also reduce disruption from excessive vehicle movements to and from site.


As a responsible client, we understand that you wish to commit wholeheartedly to minimise environmental impact and CDC is here to help you achieve your goals. Talk to us about the many ways we can support your sustainability initiatives in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


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