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Introducing TRU Agg

A recent addition to the TRU7 Group, TRU Agg specialises in supplying loose and bagged aggregate products to both the trade and retail customers. As is the TRU7 way, at TRU Agg we have heavily invested in new loading shovels and a state of the art weigh-bridge system, allowing loads to be processed in minimum time. TRU Agg takes the aggravation out of aggregates!

From loose building aggregates, including building sand, ballast, crushed concrete, MOT type 1, to topsoil and much more, products can be supplied loose or in bulk bags, which is a clean, convenient option if you are limited for space.

TRU Agg offers a flexible range of purchase quantities. You can order any amount from 2 tonnes up to 20 tonnes per load. This helps to keep wastage to a minimum and prevents over-ordering.

Advertised prices may be subject to change.


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