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  • GeeWizz Charity & Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Playground

    About GeeWizz

    The GeeWizz Charitable Foundation is a very special, small charity where transparency in all giving is paramount.

    It supports children and young adults, across Suffolk and Norfolk, who are learning disabled or neurodivergent, have a life-limiting illness or cancer, as well as supporting Sarcoma Cancer research and many capital projects.

    GeeWizz also helps fund the provision of equipment, including wheelchairs and other healthcare equipment, for children with physical disabilities in Suffolk and Norfolk, whilst supporting developments in care for children affected by cancer and their families in outpatient, inpatient and home settings.

    GeeWizz is currently proudly working with the Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy, in Ipswich with their redevelopment and rebuild of three playgrounds. The funding from this project is in excess of £500,000. Many local companies have willingly become involved in giving their support.

    Guy’s affiliation with GeeWizz & the long-standing relationship

    Guy and Julie Nicholls, are long-standing Geewizz Charity Ambassadors and supporters and have been personal friends of Geewizz Charitable Trust founder Gina Long MBE for over 40 years. They are true charity champions and applaud the transparent giving aspect of the charity, along with the ethos it works by each day. Philanthropic Guy and Julie generously donated £100,000 to the GeeWizz Charity Legacy fundraiser, to help build a new specialist SEND’s playground at the Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy. As parents and grandparents, themselves, they understand the importance the support GeeWizz gives to the many families and their children.

    Legacy project for learning disabled and neurodivergent children in Suffolk

    Work on Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy’s state-of-the-art school playground is beginning to take shape.

    It will help the Ipswich school, supported by Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT), create a unique playground which is engaging, inspirational and accessible to all its pupils.

    Gina Long MBE, Founder of GeeWizz Charitable Trust, said: “This is the biggest project we have been involved with since starting our lovely small, very special charity.

    “The thought that the playgrounds will help enhance many students for years to come makes everything we do a GeeWizz so incredibly special and the legacy it will leave is priceless.

    “We are indebted to so many people and companies for supporting us in the last very tough 18 months.”The project is a major team effort involving primary contractor Pro-Scape, Guy Nicholls and Tru7 Group who have generously provided all plant and aggregate, along with specialist machinery throughout the summer.

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  • Charity Donation

    Managing Director Guy Nicholls and the Tru7 Group are extremely proud to support the Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy in Ipswich with a donation of £100,000 via the GeeWizz Charity organisation, who are fundraising for a much needed SENDs playground.




  • GeeWizz Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

    Guy and his family attended the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at Milsom’s Kesgrave Hall on 14th May 2017. They were invited after having made donations to support the charity GeeWizz. Fundraisers and donors have helped raise almost £150,000 for the charity, and attended the tea party to celebrate 18 months since its launch.

    Charity founder Gina Long MBS said she was delighted with the event.

    Gina said: “We felt it was crucial to organise an event that said a very big thank you to everyone who has supported GeeWizz since we started the charity 18 months ago. Without the generous support of our fundraisers and donors, we simply would not be able to make a difference to the lives of so many families in Suffolk.

    The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party gave an ideal opportunity to greet both our supporters and the families GeeWizz have supported- as part of the charity promoting transparent fundraising in every way possible.

    I would like to say a very heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended and everyone who supported what was such a magical and very special afternoon, one where we celebrated our beyond generous supporters and GeeWizz families“


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