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We are extremely proud to announce that Tru Mix will be the title sponsor for our local speedway club, Ipswich Witches for the 2022 season!

TRU7 were invited to attend the Witches’ recent press day at Foxhall Stadium to capture some action shots and interview a few of the riders ahead of their opening fixture on the 31st March, against King’s Lynn.

Speedway Interview with Jason Doyle, Anders Rowe & Danny King – 22nd March 2022

How did you get into speedway, do you have a family background in the sport?

Doyle: Yeah, my dad used to ride speedway, he came to England and tried to make it over here but didn’t last long so I just followed in his footsteps. I started riding minibikes when I was 3, we had dirt track in Australia so started from there and then went into speedway.

Rowe: Yeah, the same as Doyley really, my dad used to race and then he was a mechanic and then started riding when I was 3 

King: Similar, but my dad didn’t ride but he wanted to just never got round to doing it so when me & my brother were old enough, he got us into it and that’s where it came from

Who was your Speedway hero growing up?

Doyle: The Aussie Jason Crump when I was growing up, we watched these boys on tv – Lee & Jason we’re our biggest idols. With world champions, Jason 3 times we’ve just followed everything he done really.

Rowe: The same as Doyley…Crumpy is who I look up to and Doyley as well

King: Mark Loram for me…I did grass track the same as him so went the same sort of route and he was always someone I looked up to

How many bikes do you own to see yourself through a season?

Doyle: I’ve got a few, obviously we’re doing Poland & Grand Prix so that’s one set up and then my English bikes over here. I’ve got 5 in Poland and 3 in England so 8 bikes and at the moment too many engines to count but it’s about 12 at the moment! 

Rowe: I’ve got 3 in England and 2 in Poland

King: Just 3 in England

How do you typically prepare yourself for the season, is there are other sports that you enjoy or do to keep yourself fit & prepare?

Doyle: It’s pretty simple with speedway, we’ve just got to do a lot of cardio training and get the weight off, then we can try to do a bit of motocross and stuff that’s not dangerous 

Rowe: A lot of cardio and a bit of CrossFit…a lot of motocross and enduro 

King: Was similar but I kept hurting myself on my motocross bike, so I had to sell it! Not so much fun for me but I like to do loads of sport…I play football, a bit of squash and I love running 

 What’s your favourite track to ride in the UK and how would you prepare yourself for each one? 

Doyle: I haven’t ridden England for 2 years now, so I’ll have to tell you that another time but I’m not just saying this because I’m at Ipswich now, but Ipswich is a good track…one of the best

Rowe: Peterborough…it’s a big open track and it’s just fast so you don’t have to turn very hard!

King: It’s Belle Vue for me, it really suits my style and I just like to race…I think somewhere like that if you miss a start, you’ve got a chance to still win the race whereas a lot of tracks in England if you miss a start, it’s hard, you might pass 1 but to pass 3 guys is tough

Are you riding in the Polish League?

Doyle: Yeah, we’re only allowed to do 1 other league so it’s just Poland & England for me

Rowe: I ride in the under 24 league in Poland

King: Just England for me

What impact has the pandemic had on the last couple of years of riding?

Doyle: Financially?!? Yeah, it’s been tough, I’ve actually been living in Poland for the last 2 years so I haven’t been back in England so that’s probably been the hardest thing for myself

Rowe: Probably if anything it’s slowed my progress down a little bit where we had to have that break 

King: Just more financially for me because I was only doing England so that hit that on the head really! But then on the other hand I was fortunate that I was home with my family whereas Jason just said he was obviously away in Poland

What is it actually like riding with no breaks?!

Doyle: We don’t really think about the breaks, we’ve done it so many years it’s just second nature to us, so we don’t need the break…having a break just confuses us a little! We’re pretty simple people! 

Are Ipswich going to win this season?

All: Yes!

 Grand Prix

Are you prepared?

Doyle: Yeah definitely, I think that was why I came back to England because when I’m riding England, I feel like I’m more race fit and it’s better for when I’m racing Grand Prix! It’s going to be a big year and I’m excited for it! We’ve got a good team and Ipswich is going to go really well this year!

Which track are you most looking forward to riding at?

Doyle: Cardiff is massive for us…obviously there’s no Australian round so Cardiff is like an Aussie round for me, I’ve got support from the British public as well

We would like to wish the club and the riders the very best of luck for their upcoming season, you will be sure to see plenty of the TRU7 workforce supporting the team at Foxhall Stadium on the 31st March!

Interview conducted/transcribed by: Amber Bloomfield

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