A Nice slice of podium pie for TRU7 athletes at the weekend!


Humbling to see Jason Doyle take the win at the Speedway GP in Warsaw and John McGuinness MBE on the box at the NW200. Along with Conrad Mewse and Taylor Mammal going 1-2 respectively at the Fastest 40 National Championship in Preston. 

“Speedway is extremely close to our family and has been for years, we’ve lived within a couple of miles of Foxhall Stadium for a long time. My dad sponsored my cousin Scott [Nicholls] when he first turned professional at 16 and had followed the sport long before that.

It’s a proud moment for our company, and especially dad to be in a position to support our local club as title sponsor, especially with Tru7 being based so close to the track – being able to support them, bringing in some of the top riders in the world is special and equally, building a relationship with people like Jason Doyle, amongst many other riders over the years is something we are proud of.

For me as a racer, I know how hard it is for them, especially speedway riders – so to see Jason win at the weekend is awesome. He’s an extremely hard-working chap and we’ve had the chance to get to know him quite well over the last few years, so we were absolutely chuffed to see that.

Likewise with motocross, I’ve been professional for a number of years, but now that I’ve wound off of that a little bit, it’s great to support the sport a bit more with the business. Being behind a team like Honda, Dave Thorpe and seeing the boys do well at the weekend is brilliant; they work hard and I obviously train a bit with them, and it means a lot to us to be in a position to support them.

And of course, John McGuinness MBE – we’ve had the opportunity to support him now for the last few years, I personally have got to know him quite well through his recent injury and now class him as a friend. At his age to still be doing what he is doing is truly amazing, just playing a very small part of his programme is a privilege and it’s really cool to see him see him earn a spot on the box at the North West 200.

Motorsports is extremely close to our hearts at Tru7, especially for me and my dad and we are incredibly proud to be in a position to support the riders and the teams that we do.”


Honda Racing

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