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Investing In People!

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It is no secret that for many the past 12 months have been difficult beyond measure.
Covid-19 has undoubtedly played a devastating part in the lives of so many people, which is why we at Tru7Group do not take for granted how fortunate we have been in the past year; not only being able to continue working through these testing times, but to actually experience growth in recent months has been a blessing – it is a reflection of both the resilience, and hard graft of all that work under the Tru7Group.
It is not only through purchasing the latest machinery that we invest into what we have built, but by also investing in people. Expanding our workforce plays an integral part in the growth we experience.
Since November, Tru7 have taken on 25 new employees and provide work for 40 sub-contractors in arguably the most testing socio-economic period in recent years.
Having the chance to provide work for individuals who at this time, may have been struggling due to the impact of Coronavirus, is something we are incredibly thankful for and shall not take for granted!
So to all of our staff, whether you are new starters or the dinosaurs of Tru7… we want to say thank you for keeping the cogs on this machine turning!


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